Answer: (i) army : Echoes can be used from the armed forces locate new weapon condition of challenger – Aadamdighi Online BD

Answer: (i) army : Echoes can be used from the armed forces locate new weapon condition of challenger

Answer: (i) army : Echoes can be used from the armed forces locate new weapon condition of challenger
Should your rate of sound are 334 ms-step one, assess amount of time in he hears a mirror

  1. army,
  2. geologists,
  3. anglers.

Answer: t = 0

Radar something is utilized to track down an opponent heavens-pastime motorboat. (ii) geologists : Echoes can be used of the geologists having nutrient prospecting. (iii) fishermen : for finding fishes ultrasonic surf is actually delivered for the water. When the these types of oscillations struck a seafood, he is shown back into the brand new receivers. Enough time to have hearing the latest echoes recorded. The position regarding seafood was determined by the d = v ? t/dos playing with vel. regarding voice within the water since 1450 ms -1 .

Concern step one. The request according to research by the meditation out of voice was: (a) megaphone (b) sounding-board (c) sonometer (d) one another (a) and you will (b) Answer: (d) each other (a) and (b)

Matter dos. That’s not the condition to your creation off echoes ? (a) Minimum length involving the supply of voice and you can showing human body is getting 17 meters. (b) The heat from air are over 20°C. (c) The wavelength out of voice shall be less than the new height away from this new highlighting body. (d) The newest concentration of voice might be enough so that it you may become heard just after reflection. Answer: (a) Minimal length between the source of voice and reflecting body is feel 17 meters.

Question 3. Getting hearing an echo, the minimum range between the source of sound and showing muscles are (a) several m (b) twenty four m (c) 17 yards (d) 51 m Respond to: (c) 17m

Matter 4. Discover the target regarding the dark the brand new owl or the bat produces: (a) infrasonic surf (b) ultrasonic waves (c) sonic waves (d) infrared swells Answer: (b) ultrasonic surf

Matter step 1. A man fireplaces a weapon before a developing 167 yards away. Answer: d = 167 ? 2d = 167 ? dos m Rate off voice = 334 ms -step one t to have echo to get heard = ?

Question dos. An echo is actually read after 0.8 s, whenever one fires a great cracker, 132.8 yards off a leading strengthening. Assess the rate of sound. 8 s d = 132.8 yards

Question step three. The interest rate of voice are 310 ms -step 1 . Men fireplaces a gun. An echo try read immediately after step one.5 s. Calculate the distance away from people in the cliff of which reflect try read. Answer: Price off sound = 310 ms -1 time and mirror is heard t = step 1.5 s point off cliff d = ? 2d = Price ? t

Question 1. A mirror try read because of the an excellent radar when you look at the 0.08 s. When the speed out-of radio waves are 3 ? 10 8 ms -1 , what lengths ‘s the enemy plane ? 08 s v = step 3 ? 108 ms -1

Matter 2. A challenger flat is at a distance regarding 300 km off a beneficial radar. In how far orange the newest radar can find the airplane ? Take acceleration off radiowaves since the step 3 ? 10 8 ms -1 . Answer: d=three hundred t = ? v = step 3 ? 10 8 ms -step one t=2d/v = 2 ? 300 ? 1000m/step 3 ?ten 8 ms -step 1 =0.002 s = dos ? ten -3 s

Question 1. A man stands in between two parallel cliffs and explodes a cracker. He hears the first echo after 0.6 s and second echo after 2.4 s. Calculate the distance between the cliffs. [Speed of sound is 336 ms -1 ] Answer: Let the 2 buildings A and B situated at a distance d1 and d2 from a man’s point.

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