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Hi I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years long distance

Hi I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years long distance

It kils me to know how he has changed towards me but I decided to leave the relationship for good

right? It’s lately he’s been very close to his phone I can touch it without him telling me to put it down but he can go on mine at his leisure……he never calls me beautiful. I met his friends…..he’s lied to them told them stuff like I drive and had a car I have only just got my provisional license, the person he has made me out to be to his friends isn’t me, he talks about our future in his house with only his name on the mortgage, he never wants to spend time with me, he goes out and I’m the one cheating on him, it’s always my fault even when I say sorry, when I say he did something wrong he has something I did that was way worse….”aprentally”……he doesn’t want to touch me, or turn me on, or cuddle, or kiss or even sit beside me on a sofa, does he love me? Because I adore him

I know it’s really hard to accept, but he obviously doesn’t want to be with you right now. It has nothing to do with you, I assure you, but that’s still the truth. The question left now is what you’re going to do about it: The more you chase him the more he’ll run away. Try to focus on yourself now, instead of him. And see where things are going after that.

Recently 4 months bk he changed on me didn’t call as much n never wanted to see me in those months. I did a surprise visit and found out his cheating on me with 3 other girls. It hurts to b betrayed but I want to feel better but I don’t know how . Oh he says the reason he cheated was I was always angry.n emotional over the phone telling him it’s over etc which was true. But for me was a way of trying to cope with the distance. I can’t forgive at all although he claims to b sorry the words sorry can’t bring bk the trust.

I don’t know if he loves me anymore becuse he changes at school when he talks to other girls

I’m going out with this boy and we have been dating for about 3 weeks. He was once my boy best friend for about 1 year then he started catching feelings for me. He asked me out face to face and I said yes. But now 2 weeks has passed, at school he’s starting to talk to his girl best friends and sending them ‘X’s and O’s’. besthookupwebsites.org/escort But after, he sends me long paragraphs saying he loves me and I’m his and nobody else’s. But he gets really jealous when I talk to other guys and threatens to text them telling them to back off. Please tell me what this means and if he still has feelings for me.

I don’t think this means that he is losing feelings for you. I think that he just likes to flirt. It probably boosts his ego. I would guess that he has a somewhat low self esteem. Be confident and always remember your worth and everything will work out. Good luck!

I’m with my bf for about 3 years now, we have a difficult time trying to find out where we want to live our lives, if it is abroad or in our home towns, and we always had fights about this. Last week i wanted to talk about marriage and let him know that someday i want to get ily and he was so defensive, he told me that we don’t even know what to do with our lives and i’m talking about marriage… So i get upset for i don’t know 4 hours and after i was so frustrated and i write him on fb, because he was in another room, he answered me, but didn’t come to talk to me face to face, maybe i should never expect this in the first place.. And of course, because i was expecting, i get more frustrated and we started to fight again. The thing is that when we first met, he always told me that he loves me and always answered back when i told him, well now if i tell him i love you, he doesn’t answer back and he constantly tells me that he is feeling obligated to tell me, because he knows that i wait to hear those words and that i’m fucked up because i want to tell him i love you after all the fights. I really don’t know what to do, maybe it’s my ego that wants to hear those words, he tells me all the time that i’m frustrated and this is why i want him to tell me i love you so i can get better, and maybe this is true also i don’t know, i have the feeling that i lost my mind and i’m crazy and i do nothing better in the relationship. It will be great an advice! Thanks a lot

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