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Massachusetts rules about relationship wedding designation, Secretary from the Commonwealth. Use to

Massachusetts rules about relationship wedding designation, Secretary from the Commonwealth. Use to

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Massachusetts guidelines

MGL c.207: wedding. Certain sections of interest:

  • 1 Marriage of guy to particular relatives
  • 2 relationships of lady to certain relation
  • 4 Polygamy
  • 7 Minors; solemnization of relationship (prohibits marrying individuals under 18). See additionally, Parton v. Hervey , 67 Mass. 119 (1854) for lots more conversation from the wedding of minors.
  • 14 Determination of credibility (annulment)
  • 24 Nonage minors; getting of find; ban (years needs try 18)
  • 25 Nonage minors; agreement of wedding (parental permission needed under 18)
  • 30 Dispensing with 3 weeks’ find
  • 36 Registering marriages that were held away from Massachusetts

Chosen case legislation

Collins v. Guggenheim , 417 size. 615 (1994). The courtroom presented that “cohabitation in Massachusetts will not create the connection of husband and wife during the absence of a proper solemnization of relationship… [and] the incidents from the marital partnership [do Pompano Beach escort service maybe not] attach to an arrangement of cohabitation. common-law matrimony is not known in Massachusetts.”

Commonwealth v. Lane, 113 Size. 458 (1873). The judge held that “ we typically continue popularity to out-of-State marriages under rules of comity, even in the event such marriages was forbidden here, unless the marriage violates Massachusetts community rules, such as polygamy, consanguinity and attraction.”

Elia-Warnken v. Elia, 463 Size. 29 (2012). The great Judicial courtroom “recognized a Vermont civil union since the same in principle as relationship into the Commonwealth under axioms of comity.”

Parton v. Hervey , 67 size. 119 (1854) topic of the substance of relationship of minors over the chronilogical age of permission without adult consent.

Shea v. Cameron, 92 Mass. Application. Ct. 731 (2018) a declare of deceptive inducement to relationships are barred by center Balm work (act), G. L. c. 207, 47A.


Eventually marriage designation, Secretary of Commonwealth. Use to need a friend or member of the family carry out the ceremony.

Marriage without delay/Marriage of minors (CJD 430). Mass. Probate and Families Courtroom Division. “Use to consult waiver with the called for 3 day prepared years and/or endorsement for minor to marry.” See additionally: directions for marriage without delay-Marriage of minors

Online root

Fiance & marriage visas: several’s self-help guide to U.S. immigration, Nolo, 2019 Includes all about visas, green cards, income needs, getting ready the paperwork and. Means free of charge collection credit for access.

Getting married in Massachusetts: ahead of the event,, 2017. Addresses the basic principles of the things you should know, including who is able to marry, who are able to perform the marriage, and recommended paperwork.

Getting married in Massachusetts, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), July 2015 developed for same-sex partners, nevertheless procedures were the same for every partners. Evident more information. Include here is how to modify your surname.

Justices of this comfort: summary of tasks published by any office of this Massachusetts Governor, explains the responsibilities of a justice associated with the peace in performing a wedding, such as the as a type of the service, permitted charges, and much more.

Massachusetts legal impediments to marriage, Size. Registry of Vital Records and studies supplies a summary of exactly who might not get married who in Massachusetts.

Ordering a delivery, wedding, or demise certificate, Mass. Registry of public record information and research informative data on getting duplicates of marriage files

Premarital arrangement legislation in Massachusetts, Charles P. Kindregan Jr., December 3, 2012 This paper supplies an introduction to the drafting and use of premarital or prenuptial agreements in Massachusetts.

Printing means

LexisNexis exercise tips guide: Massachusetts family legislation, LexisNexis, 2021. Part 1: relationship: this part handles exactly who may come right into a wedding, the appropriate requirement of a married relationship, annulments and same gender marriages in Massachusetts.

Lindy and Parley on split agreements and antenuptial agreements, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf, 1999 with current products. Contains home elevators prenuptial agreements.

Massachusetts practise v.1-3 (group legislation and practice) fourth ed., Thomson Reuters, 2013 with current supplements. Sections 17-22: legislation of wedding.

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